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DRZ mikuni needle

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I have researched through forums and couldn't find what I was looking for...now I need advice. Can anyone suggest an adjustable needle for a factory mikuni carb on a 2009 DRZ 400sm. Or can I just rejet? I would prefer not to purchase a jetting kit at this time since I will upgrading to a fcr, cams, and a athena kit in a few months.

2009 DRZ 400 sm

3x3 mod

uni air filter

yosh rs-2 system

adjustable fuel screw

altitude 3250 ft.

riding temp. 32f to 86f average temp. 68f


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you can use hobby washers under the clip to raise the needle, but your best bet is to buy the JD jet kit. it comes with EVERYTHING you need and you get the benefit of James vast experience. Hope this helps

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