rear shock damaged? just got stiff...


I am new to this group, and I like what I see!

I have a '99 WR400. The suspension worked well until 3 weeks ago. I went to sit on it after it had been sitting for a week, and suddenly my rear suspension was REALLY stiff. The shock felt like the compression damping had been cranked way up, x100 or so! When I sat on it, the sag was only about 1/4 of what it should have been. After riding for 1/2 hour, it freed right up. I don't think the problem is in the linkage, it really doesn't feel at all lke a binding problem. The last ride, it didn't free up as much. I am planning on dismantling the shock, any tips on what the problem may be? Could it need nitrogen? Are the valving shim stacks sticking? Is the oil contaminated?

I can fill the shock with Nitrogen at work (99.999% pure), what pressure do I need to charge it to?




I agree with MX Tuner

Its more likely the linkage or swing arm bearings

If you dont have any oil running out of the shock, its probably OK

It (shock) may still need an oil change, but thats not the problem


Chances are your linkage bearings are seizing up. You might need a shock oil service but don't expect it to fix your problem. Service your suspension pivots.

Charge your shock to 175psi. Stock recommended pressure is 10bar (147psi) but you'll have better results with 175psi.

My 99 yz400 just did the exact same thing a month ago. Its the linkage I almost guarantee it. I got away with just greesin mine although it probably should of been replaced. But I was in the middle of nowhere for the week and replacment wasn't an option.

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