Rev-Loc and Move rear brake to left handlebar?

Anybody heard of this? Buddy of mine just got a KTM EXC400, and we are both getting our bikes set up for racing season, and he hit me upside the head with that one last night.

Anybody on the blue side ran their bike in this configuration?

A lot of the races in the NMA Hare Scramble series is run in water, mud, rocks and wet roots. Very technical.

Few of the races are wide open desert runs. I am guessing that the Rev-Loc would be great for the technical stuff, but not so much for the desert stuff.

Anybody with some words of wisdom regarding this?


Do a search for all post. I have read about it on TT just not sure which forum.

Yo Brandon...

PM MikeOlichney here, he's got a rev'loc in one of his bikes, I think it's his CRF. I don't think he moved his rear break up to the bars, but could maybe answere any questions you have about the clutch!

I havn't riden it, my roomate did, says it was pretty damn smooth.

I was very sceptical when I first heard of the centrifugal clutch, but there are a lot of happy guys out here with them.........makes me wonder :D!!!


Dodger :D:)

Revloc sells all the left rear brake hardware for the KTM. In doing so you replace the right foot brake system and, of course, the clutch. As the WR transmission is in constant mesh you can shift without a clutch - just like my daughters TTR90. The only downside is wear on the actuators which will round off over long periods of time. If you get a Revloc, be sure the bike is in nuetral whenever you start the bike. A blip on the throttle when started in gear may put you in the trees - I know firsthand. Other than that, I can't wait to put one on my WR450. Yippee.

all i hear about are people who trail them.

what are they like to race?


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