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400X race report

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Ok so i just wanted to explain a little about our day in San Felipe and my first ride on my new "40" team. well to start the week off we had one of our riders Jeff Kaplan tore a muscle in his groin real bad and pretty much sat for the rest of the week. we signed up Bob Johnson who has been a big part of this team for a long time but had no plans of racing at all, but Bob being a seasoned vet he decided to help by riding from RM122 "Motomi" to RM163.so with that being said heres how the day went. I started and rode to RM30 "Honda 1". to tell you the truth I really thrivefor the start but i did not ride well at all for the first 23 miles, i never get arm pump but i sure did yesterday in a Big Big way and it sucked. so at RM30 I handed the bike to Loui "the italion pony"Franco and off he went to RM63 "Honda 2" and according to him it went good. next to take the bike was our Boss and teamate Brett "John" Helm and he rode his ass off to RM122 passing and putting 2 minutes on the 401X team which was so cool. Next was our boy Bob Johnson and i think he had a ride he would just as soon forget because of some issues he had with some lines and we gave up about 10 minutes :) to the401X team. It was a really big bummer for Bob but in his defense he had one single afternoon to try and pre run on friday and he got one pass through and that was it. And for those of you that know Bob,he is one hell of a great guy and super fast so he was really unhappy about it but we have all been in his boots and our team is just happy he could even do what he did for us. so anyways Bob takes it to RM163 where Jeff Kaplan decided the he was going to bite the bullet and race from 163 "Azufre" to me at RM194 "honda"5. so with us being close to 15 minutes down at that point i just "Survived" Houtamote wash and rode it out to check 5 where Franco took it to the finish. so to say the least this was a major bummer with the first loss ever for Helms 400x team but we survived and will be very ready to get back to winning at the 500 & 1000.

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