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A few questions about my drz400s

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I have recently bought a new 2008 dr-z400s, first of all the rear tail light and blinker mud plate is very big, and ugly, im looking for some lights (tail/rear blinkers) that are enduro style, low key, does anybody have any suggestions? Also the stock tires will get you into trouble on the trail... i learned that the hard way, the dunlop 606's are highly rated and im considering them. These two things are the first and foremost important mods for me right now.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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DRC Edge taillight. www.wheelingcyclesupply.com They also have a good selection of turn signals to match.

+1 on the Edge.

I had great luck with MT21's (140/80 out back) that were pretty good off-road but stuck very well on the street for a knob.

Everyone will tell you to at least do the 3x3 airbox mod and jet (use JD for the best results). A full pipe (MRD is the current favorite, with a Yosh not far behind) will wake it up even more.

I'd also say wake up the gearing.....14/47 is pretty popular as it's good off road and liveable around town.


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