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Choke problems.

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I tried a search and found only the exact opposite problem as I have.

The bike runs fine without the choke off. Usually it doesn't get cold enough to need the choke.

This morning I went out to warm my bike up with the choke halfway on and it runs like crap then dies. With the choke off it will run but very poorly till warmed up. Every time I try to turn the choke even halfway on it will die no matter if the bike is warm or cold.

Recently did a JD jet kit + 3x3. It ran fine for a few weeks now this. Any help is much appreciated! :)


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thanks for the reply,

just looked at the 3x3 master post to verify the main / pilot jet positions.

the starter jet would be the one under the white thing (sorry i dont know carbs very well) next to the main jet right?

the choke worked fine for two weeks until the past few days it has been acting up.

did some more searching and raised the idle speed a bit to see if that was it, but nope. tried leaning it out a bit and still dies.

it works perfect when the choke is off, but im still a bit worried.

edit: the starter jet is under his ring finger, correct?

also, when i took the factory main jet out i made sure to check the number on it. does the starter one have a different size? geez this is starting to take over my mind cant think straight because i love my baby :)


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Activating the choke should make the mixture rich for starting. That is the intent. A malfunctioning choke can make the mixture lean. So in troubleshooting the problem you need to try to determine if the starting mixture is too rich or too lean. Choke activated, rich is heavy running, maybe even some black smoke, rich smelly exhaust, gets worse as it warms up. Lean is fluffy uneven running, will not accept any throttle, starving, dies, gets better as it warms up.

I suspect 1 of 2 things. The starter jet has fallen out (rich). Or the starter jet has dirt in it (lean). Yes, the starter jet is under the ring finger. Yes, the start jet has a number. 85 I think but don't quote me on that.

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