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My son who has just turned 6, is starting to out grow his 07 CRF50. I am finding the next step to be a differcult one. He is mainly riding in "MX fun days", a bit of trail riding with Dad (KTM525SX) and riding on his own MX track. I fell he has outgrown the suspension on the Honda, rather than the power, this is why the Honda CRF65etc is not an option for me/him?

I have been advised to go to a KTM 50 senior adventure. Not an SX as they require too many RPM's to get them moving? I have been told to start out with the older (04-05) senior adventure as they are air cooled and require less maintenence. I was then told that the next step is a lot easier KX, KTM etc.

What are your thoughts with this advise?

Thanks Gary

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I moved my son from his 50 to a Suzuki JR80. It has a manual clutch, 5 speed and 27" seat height. It is a 2 stroke, but a "dirt bike" and not a "race bike", so not as "pipey".

It is a great transition bike for him to learn clutch. He mentioned he may want to try racing so I am working on getting him a 65 now. I had a thread on transition bikes here.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=731333

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