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3rd times a charm?

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so far ive tried to get help in the intake/jetting and suzuki forums, and i havent gotten any help.

i put in a new piston/rings in my bike, along with repacking the silencer. the first time out once i finally started getting on it, i noticed a lack of power and no hit. the first thing i checked was the plug, and i found that it was running lean, it was grey.

my first thought is that it was due to me replacing the silencer packing, i have no idea when the last time it was done as i bought the bike used. before i replaced it it was running slightly on the rich side...

someone also told me that it could also be the powervalve not working, which would explain the lack of power and no hit, but would it also cause the lean condition?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A non-functioning power valve will certainly cause a lack of power, but I couldn't begin to predict it's effects on jetting. There are just too many variables.

I would clean the carb, and check the power valve. You should be able to remove the inspection cover with the bike running and rev the engine to see if the actuator rod moves.

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