WR400f smokes, normal?

hey guys i recently bought a 98 wr400f where i lost my shirt but thats another story. anyway i took it out for the first ride a couple weeks ago and whenever i would slow down to a fairly slow pace like while making a sharp turn it would cut off. well i got it home and cleaned the carb out that had some crap in it and i also went from 12 to 6 disk on the WB pipe because i thought it may have been runnig lean also. well anyway i got it all back together and im not sure if it did it before or not but whenever i give it some gas itll smoke a little. its no thick or anything but it is their. as i have never owned a thumper i dont know if this is normal or not. this is only my second bike my first being a cr250 so most of this is kinda new to me. so heres the other problem. i hadnt had it running long enough to run it without the choke so is it doin this because the choke is on or will that make no difference. also if the smoke is meaning my rings are shot how hard are the to replace? i could rebuild my cr in a couple hours but the thing seems to be a little more complicated. the little that i did ride it though i will say i think i love this thing, i read post how ppl where like it seems to make me a better rider and i was like yea right but after riding this i feel much more comfortable on it in the short time ive had it than the whole time i had my cr. :)

Colour of the smoke ? Blue / White = oil Black = rich mixture... My '06 WR450 doesn't smoke at anything.

If it is oil it could be worn rings, valve guides, valve seals...

Maybe a more experiencied rider could tell you if it's too difficult to rebuild it, but I think it isn't too complicated.

Good luck!

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