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I've acquired a collection

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It's been a busy 3 weeks....bought an 05 CRF450R, didn't like it, sold it....a week later, bought an 07 CRF450R, began prepping it for the 09 outdoor season....yesterday, tripped on an 08 CRF450R, went to Tennessee to pick it up.... :)

My race shop is beginning to look like a used Honda dealership.

We decided to do some quick sightseeing while we were passing through Memphis


From left to right:

New Hotness 07 CRF450R (suspension removed for 09 updates), Retired Hotness 05CRF250R (suspension removed for 09 updates), and the Newest Hotness 08 CRF450R (suspension not yet removed for 09 updates)


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Nice! Why didn't you like the 05??

It had more of a woods/hare scrambles setup. It was a nice bike, but it just always felt "violent", whereas the 07 and 08 both feel more "refined". I just got the 08 yesterday. After taking the 08 out today for some halfhearted practice/playtime, I honestly doubt the 07 will see much use unless the 08 is down for some reason.

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