2001 WR426 rear bearing replacement???

Greetings Thumps!!

How hard is it going to be for me to replace my rear bearings, they are making a grinding noise periodically. How much time do I need to set aside for this repair? Any tricks or suggestions will be most appreciated!

Have a great weekend and ride safe!


Bearings are easy to do. You need a a long drift punch and the bearings are tapped (hammered?) from INSIDE the hub out where the axle pops through.

You should measure how far your bearings set inside the lip of your hub. You can (as I have :) ) push your bearings in too far >> hence measuring BEFORE starting the removal process.

The most difficult thing is getting the bearing initially pushed far out enough where you can get a better bite on it w/ your punch. I have used a screwdriver in the past to get started, although last time the drift punch worked fine.

Take your time and work your way around the bearing. You may have to go in a 4 bolt per-se pattern when tapping it out ( 0 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, then 270 degrees ).

For installation, I have put my bearings into the freezer. I myself have never heated the hub for expansion, although I have heard of others doing it. I use a large socket to tap my new bearings into the hub. You must work slowly and keep that bearing going in straight.

Keep those measurement numbers handy when tapping in your new bearing.

I WOULD NOT recommend Yamaha bearings >> too expensive and quality can be improved w/ aftermarket. Go to a bearing supply store w/ your old bearings. They will measure it or cross reference it w/ their bearing book. There are reference #'s on your old bearing.

Good luck but you WILL be fine!!

I just replaced my front bearings and seals with a Pivot Works $29 package. Took less than 45 minutes, no heating, no cooling. A screwdriver to pry out the seals and use as a drift to get the bearings out and a very large socket to get them all back in. Large enough that it pushes on the outside instead of the inside of the new bearing.


As a heads up >> I believe their is a retaining c-clip that holds your seals in >> this MUST be removed before you start the job!!

Only one circlip that holds one bearing in, beheind seal, cant remember whitch side, refit this one fist and they cant go in too far.

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