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Picked up a 91 250 Roller, need help on fitment issues

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Like the title says I just picked up a 91 yz 250 rolling chassis for next to nothing. Basically all I need is Engine, Carb, Radiators, and CDI stuff. Everything else is there and will just be getting cleaned up. My question is a.) what year and size engines would be a direct bolt in and, b.) what might be relatively close on fitment. I am pretty decent when it comes to fabrication, and have have access to a decent amount of machining tools, so if i have to fab up some mounts thats not a big deal. I have a lead on an engine but its out of an 82 so im not sure how close that would be. I am not in a big rush on this since I have the other bikes and a quad to ride. Just trying to find out what I should keep my eyes open for on ebay and craigslist. Thanks

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