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Xr75 76

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I have set and rechecked the cam and ignition timing, i have the points set to just start opening on the F mark. I have spark at the plug that looks blue indicating good fire. The bike has new rings, piston, cam sprocket and chain, new points and condensor. The repairs were done about 10 years ago and the bike never left the garage since. The repairs were done because the cam sprocket got worn. While torn down I replaced some additional parts that really didnt need replaced but wanted to freshen up the bike while it was down. Even when I spray a little starting fluid in the intake or in the cylinder the bike wont start. I occasionally get a pop from the exhaust, indicating timing but, Im certain its set right. The bike will try to start and sometimes run for 20 seconds if i push start it. I have the idle and mixture screw set to about 1/ 1/4 turns. The bike has fresh gas, and i cleaned the carb bowl and blew out all the ports. When I kick start the bike, I have good sucking coming from the intake indicating good compression. I will be getting a compression gauge adapter to work with my guage, but i really dont think its a compression issue since the bike ran fine and the cylinder walls looked untouched before the repairs. Today i pulled the head and cylinder off just to double check things. The piston is clean and the valves are all seating nicely. Does anyone know what the compression should be? Cough, I did a compression check and it held at 30psi. Not good. The rings are misaligned properly, the cylinder has no lip at the top. Both valves are seated good and are clean around the seat. Im puzzled.

Thanks for your time.


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