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my wr project finished (basically)

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this is my old race bike i bought brand new in 1991, its a 92 model.

1992 yamaha wr 250, i have about 80 hrs in the resto, just finished it up but more to come as i get more $$.

everything was rebuilt, replaced,polished,powder coated,updated or something.it a brand new old bike now.

if you want to know a little more you can see it in my garage.


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I had to go to the garage to see it, but it sure turned out nice. many more years left in that one.

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now i have a picture

rolland you were right about posting them !

there a pain the a-- !

Nice job Bobby!

A friend gave me a '92 WR250 last summer. I have been working on it through the winter. I have had every thing apart on it including the engine, shock, forks and made sure everything was in good shape. It had been flipped several times (guessing 15-20) so I cut the rear frame off and built an aluminum sub-frame.

The weather has finally turned so I was going to take it out and start it. I just took pictures instead.

My other two WR's are blue so I wanted something different.




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