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How much would you offer for this bike?

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*Just to let you know, I am not selling this bike, I am just trying to decide what would be appropriate to offer for the bike to buy.*

Here is what is in the craigslist ad:

"Complete bike minus the CDI box. Ran well before CDI box was sold. Plastics in decent shape for sage and seat in good shape as well. Email with needs for prices."

I asked him if he would sell the whole bike and if he had any pictures, and here is his response:

" The plastic side cover is off in this picture. but you get the idea. I have an extra set of wheels for it as well and almost all the parts except the master to convert it to a front disc brake. The bike has an FMF gold expansion chamber and slip on."


"if your interested in it whole come take a look at it and make me an offer. I have 3 sets of forks, 2 fenders i think and other misc. parts that can go along with it"

Heres the bike,


What I'm asking is, how much would you offer for this bike?

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I agree. Zero to, Maybe I will take it if you pay me. Remember, ALL motorcycles ran at one time or another.

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