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Bike idles with slow mixture screw bottomed out!

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Eddie, I searched for my answer but could not find it in this sea of info here. Sorry if this has been covered already.

I just finished the Dave's mods, removed the snorkel, de-smogged and added a Uni-filter. I am also going to add a Vance & Hines slip on. I installed a 55 slow and 162 main. Also, is the .020 washer under the needle a suggestion or can it be thicker than that? My dealer gave me a sheet that states .030-.040so I went with the .040 washer becasue it is what I had.

Bike runs good although I have not been able to go for a ride yet.

I noticed that I can bottom out (tighten) the mixture screw and the engine just idles higher. Does this mean that the slow jet is too large? Should I go back to the 50 on the slow?

I am at sea level with temps between 40*F-78*F.

Thanks for any help with this.

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I know I ordered a 55 for the slow but I swear it almost looked as if it had 58 printed on the side.

52 it is. is it true with the correct slow jet that one can tune the idle with the mixture screw?

Thanks for your help, Marco.

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