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'07 TE 450 Questions

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I rode with a friend today who has a 2008 TE 450 and he asked me to do some research for him on this bike as he's not an Internet kinda guy.

This bike has three rides on it and so far has only survived one ride without being trucked home.

  1. During the first ride the stator went south.
  2. During the last ride, the rear brake line rubbed a whole in the back the engine case.
  3. Today, the banjo bolts for the oil line to the head came loose and sprayed oil all over the place. We had to tighten them numerous times. Is there a permanent fix for this?
  4. After loading the bike we realized the rear wheel bearings seem to be trashed

The first two items have been fixed.

I know we are all passionate about the brand we ride but I'm just curious about the overall build quality when we have been doing things like wrapping the header in multiple places so it won't boil over the coolant or in the rear section, melt the air box.

One more question, is there a site for updated injection maps? He only got about 25 mpg with the map that came with the Arrow pipe.

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if it's injected it would be an '08 methinks, as for the problems i don't know what to add, except that before i bought mine i did some research here and knew what to look for in the 2nd hand bike i ended up buying, but also looked in the top threads to learn from others experiences and set it up to avoid pitfalls (like the rear brake line) that others have suffered.

in my limited experience with mine either it was set up very well before i bought it or the build quality is good (i suspect both) as mine has given me no worries.

without wanting to rub anyone up the wrong way, is he the kind of guy who lavishes attention on his ride or is it parked up filthy until he gets a chance to clean it? I have found i need to be a lot more particular with preparation before a ride now i'm on a dirt bike as opposed to on my other road bikes.


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