Why does my rear light keep blowing the bulb?

I dont know why my 04 Wr450 keeps blowing the bulb in the rear light, the tail light bulb lasts about one - two hours and the brake light lasts about five hours then blows.

Is there something that I can check like places where the wires are well known to get damaged? How much power should I be getting to the rear light?

I ride on the roads, dirt and supermoto so need a rear light to be legal !!! Changing the bulb every hour is crap !!! Help please. :):banghead:

My bulbs are blowing regularly as well, it turns out my voltage regulator/rectifier is toast. There should be around 12 volt ac, but with the revs up i was getting up to 24 v ac.

Could also be vibration or a bad ground. These are common causes of blown bulbs on a AC system.

I had a new voltage regulator / rectifier not too long ago and this didnt solve the problem. Also the headlight has had the same bulb in for over a year.

Check the ground connect for the tail light. As I said ealier, it could well be a vibration issue. A change to a LED replacement may be the cure assuming the ground is good.

With it being an AC system will it be grounded?

Just looked at the wiring diagram and yes it does go to ground.The wire Marked B, so i'd say black or brown

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