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XT250 Hill Climb Swingarm???

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Hi all, I want to put an extended swingarm on my 82 XT250 like a hillclimb one, somthing like the bikes that Deus Ex Machina build here, http://www.deus.com.au/#/bikes/

Any ideas on what might fit as a transplant that I could just extend. I will be moving the shock to so If somone knows of a donor swingarm that will bolt up to the pivot point without to much modifaction??

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The only thing I think you're going to be able to do is buy another XT250 swing arm, cut it and weld it the way you want it. You'll need to keep the current one so you can measure reference points as you go.

Another option and this may be a long shot, is go to bikebandit.com

under OEM parts, find your swing arm diagram.

Then find the part number for the swing arm bolt, write it down.

As well as the bushings.

Then do a "parts search" on those two or three part numbers.

See what other bikes use the same swing arm bolt and bushings, they should interchange, but the wheel may not.

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