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Made the Switch!! A few comments/questions?

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Hey guys I finally made the switch to a 2 smoker. I picked up a 08 YZ250 Friday and then sold my 06 CRF250R on Saturday, Even Steven. It couldnt have worked out better!!

The YZ feels GREAT, so light so flickable. Plus the ergo's are just better for me. I couldnt get the Honda to "feel" right.

Anyhow, I am going to set the YZ for good old WV and SE Ohio woods riding and Harescrambles. Generally speaking they are fairly tight, tons of hills, tons of log crossings, etc... Its going to take a little while to transition to a 2t technique. My CRF had a cam & 280 BB kit so it was super torquey. Honestly the YZ feels a little more controllable.

I already cut the bars to 30", installed Cycra Probends, put a S12 up front and a Starcross MS3 on the rear.

The jetting is close but still feels a little off to me. I put a 175 main in it, it has a #50 pilot and the needle is on the 2nd groove, fuel screw 1.5 turns out. I am running Belray H1r at 32:1 with 93 oct pump gas. Elevation is 400'ish, temps around 50. Im getting a little spooge. Should I drop the pilot to a #45? Or should I try mixing some 50:1?

Stock pipe with a Titanium 2 silencer. WHen I picked the bike up it had a 180 main and a FMF factory pipe, it was super rich. Swapped main, adjusted fuel screw and swapped plug. New plug looks decent, it was raining so I really couldnt get a good run on it.

Also is the JD Jetting kit worth the price?

I have been searching and couldnt get a decent feel for the gearing people run. Right now it has stock 14/50 and feels a little tall for where I want to ride. I had 13/51 on the CRF. East coast guys what do you recommend? SHould I drop to a 13 front and check that out first? Since thats the most budget minded route? I am 6' tall and weigh right at 180 in street clothes.

I am also ordering a flywheel weight today. 11oz or 13oz? I may go to a rekluse in the not so distant future as well. If that matters.

I am ditching the Titanium 2 silencer, I have to have a spark arrestor and stay under 96db. SHould I go with the TC 2 or the Q stealth?

Sorry for the redundant questions. I am happy to be back on a Blue bike and I am realy looking forward to never checking valves again.

Right now my build plans are (in no particular order):

FWW-11 or 13oz

ZipTy Oversize tank

Skid plate

Pipe guard

TC 2 or Q stealth silencer with SA

Gripper seat cover

Fast Flexx Bars

ASV clutch lever

Rekluse Auto clutch

Pro Action Revalve for woods

Am I missing anything? Any East coast guys have advice? Should I keep running the Belray? Or swap to something different.

Thanks for any help


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Id run some better gas than 93oct...but thats just me. I find that running good gas is easier than cleaning the carb and replacing jugs and heads from detonation. Correct jetting is key though

Im a big 2 stoke fan ever since i picked up a 08 450...the 2smokes are so much cheeper and funner/reliable

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FWW-11 or 13oz - Neither. 9oz. Or if you go rekluse may not need it.

ZipTy Oversize tank - Sure.

Skid plate - Good.

Pipe guard- Good.

TC 2 or Q stealth silencer with SA - What ever you want to do here.

Gripper seat cover - k.

Fast Flexx Bars - Pricy!!

ASV clutch lever - Sure you need it?

Rekluse Auto clutch - Awesome mod.

Pro Action Revalve for woods - 1st or second on your list, unless you are the demographic YZ rider, but most here will say this is the most important. If you are racing than for sure this is the first mod.

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Thanks for the info. The Pro Action shop is just up the road so it will get a Revalve soon.

Im not dead set on the lever but the stocker is way too long, Im a two finger clutch person so I would like a shorty lever.

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stay mixed at 32:1. Try a 48 pilot with the air screw at 1 to 1.5 turns.

IMO, the JD jet kit, from what I've read, is the bomb for optimal performance.

13/50 is great for tight woods but halfway between that is 14/52 which is what I run. I got my sprocket for less than $30. it's alloy and it's blue. :)

If you think you're going after a Rekluse pro - don't spend money on a FWW. If you're paying new price for either the TC2 or the Q stealth, I'd prolly get the Q stealth. Otherwise, there's a guy in my area selling a used TC2 for $70.

Pipe guards taco your pipe - I go without and repair the pipe or choose from other stockers hanging from the rafters - acquired via eBay. Yes, suspension ought to be your first mod for woods work. Bel Ray oil oughta work great for you. IMO, spooge has many causes but using a S/A or high flash point oils during non-summer riding certainly contributes. I bet a JD jet kit would eliminate it year round though. :banghead:

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the JD jet kit was the first mod to my bike and i will never regret it, followed by suspension because i didnt have the money at first.

it made a pretty big difference in performance the only thing i and others wish for is that JD would sell the needles separately because the jets you can buy from your dealer.

here's a breakdown of a sort on the JD needles compared to OEM ones.


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Thanks guys. I will put the JD kit on the short list. I will probbaly pick up a #48 pilot at the local shop and try that first. Temps change a ton here so the JD kit will probably be a great addition to the tool kit.

There is a 90% chance I will go to a rekluse pro but that will be a few months off. I need to work on the house to keep the wife happy :)

I cant wait to get everything dialed in and hit the trails!!

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