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haha my 250F talk about a turd.

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SUPER LONG post lol.

Now hopfully it wont be, well it better not be when i get it back togather.

So my bike has been getting worked on head/carb/etc at motowerx. So I didnt have a bike to ride this fine weekend. i had bunch of fast friends of mine at my track today. I got the track all nice and groomed for them. (www.teampdb.com kids and some others fast riders)


So my friends 450F had carb problems so i rode my friend bone stock '08 KXF 250. Holy cow that thing made my YZ250F feel like a turd. Besides the shifter being so short and so hard to shift the thing made happy to know why I was getting destroyed on areas of the race track I shouldn't be.

The lower end was so nice because of the shifter i could just leave it in a higher gear and just take it and it was smooth and powerful from bottom to top. My YZF had no low end to even think of trying to do that.

Last fall My friends lil brother just getting off an 80 maybe 110lbs gets off his brothers 250F gets on mine comes over to me and ask me how do i pop wheelies on it? and i thought he was joking but he was dead serious.

My bike '06 YZ250F 3 race seasons on it. So its been reaching its end. I do maintain it but its never had a complete over haul like its going to now. And i think stock yz250f's are very weak compared to others.

I can't wait to get my bike back togather cause it should make my friends KX250F feel like my 250F before.

Whats being/has been done to my yz250F for 09 season:

(Most was not worn out but with all the money i was putting into it I didn't want to leave one thing to take out the rest)


Clutch Basket,


Split Cases inspect clean.

Overhaul on suspension all new seals, fluid, bushings (front/rear)

crank bearings,

all new gaskets and seals

timing chain

MotoWerks: all new dimple valves, Race cut valve seats, bore carb, PnP etc.

went back to stock radiators with works connection braces

Dr.D lower radiator kit.

New tires of course

'09 needle

shifter, shift shaft

chain guides

bars, grips

Yeah lot of money in this bike. Really should get a new fresh one.

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Well Jesse should take care of that "turd" problem for ya, let us know how well she rips when you get it back together.

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cant wait to get a ride report.

iv heard nothing but great things about jesse

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