08 Used team bike picked up - thanks for swaying me to a YZ

Thanks for the comments on the Yamaha bikes reliability, it helped out with my decision.

So I went ahead and picked up the bike. Too bad we have so much snow I cant ride it. Well I did go across my yard (30ft and 7km/hr) once.

I cant wait to feel how the suspension is going to work with the KYB forks and re-valved F/R.

Just sitting there both ends feel like they have no stiction at all, but really that is not a judge of its overall performance.

Sounds and feels tight and new.

I cant wait to ride it!!

On a side not if you have a CRF450 and just bought a YZ450 you can swap the front brake clamp and save a few grams it looks much more streamlined. Or buy it for under $10 new form the Honda dealer.

I have a heavier flywheel and top mount Scotts damper full kit on the way (found them from same seller in Craigslist down in MN) like new -$400US for both (even threw in an oil filter and the puller)! Dirt bike riders are great people.

Brake line clamp from a 05 CRF450:




Nice bike. I was thinking buying one of those too. Is the engine stock?

It is a stock engine, just jetted and piped.

They do offer the rare bike that needs race gas but usually not as the average buyer does not want to be forced to source and pay for the needed fuel. Plus they usually open them up and go back to stock internals and adjust valves etc.

They still have some full race 03 and 04 CR250 2-strokes at Blackfoot. I probably couldn't ride one at a track, not with a digital powerband. Off Full to On Full = crash. Would be fun in the sand though.

Looks killer!:banghead::)

Congrats! Looks nice and clean as to be expected from Blackfoot. Now the fun of waiting for the snow to melt.

look amazing just like new eh.

i couldnt even ride my bike in my back yard, to much ice and lots of snow.

You got that from Blackfoot Direct, correct? Nice guys down there. What you pay...$6K ish?

Yes, Blackfoot and 6 on the button, whereas in the classifieds I see 08's for 6500 or more stock used and needing tires and drive parts. Great guys to deal with too.

You get a brand new: full exhaust, new tires, chain, sprockets, plastic, graphics, seat cover, Twinwalls, grips, completely lubed all bearings. skidplate, radiator guards, colored engine plugs and of course Joe Skidd suspension. Must be over $2000 CDN in aftermarket.

I have taken it apart to do the crankcase and carb breather mod and almost every bolt I remove has a touch of grease on the threads. The breather tube and fuel lines are brand new. Looking under the tank everything the eye can see looks to be new or showroom condition. Hard to believe. It sounds quite tight and yet I still plan to do the top and bottom this winter-2009/10 (for less than $500CDN)

Yeah, I was down there buying gear not too long ago, and was at that exact bike. Owner was telling me that since switching to the Yamaha bikes, they have less problems, and last longer. He also told me that those bike have like 10 hours on them as practice bikes, then are completly taken down and rebuilt...amazing deal. Congrats! I want one, but am on the fence as many have said it would make for a sucky trail bike...what are you going to use it for?

Mx and trail probably 40/60 this year. Going to use the first couple of AOTMX and CMRC races to motivate me to get in shape then head to the mountains once the snow melts away at end of June (7000ft up at Cadomin.)

I used my 05 crf450R for mostly trail last year and it was great. A little stiff but power was great. I put on a 12/52 and I could crawl around.

I have a 51 rear tooth, scotts damper and middle weight GYTR flywheel for it on the way. That will help with track and trail.

I cant wait to get it to Cadomin, Brule, and Coleman AB this year. I'm thinking the suspension is going to be worlds better than my 05CRF.

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