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No Start

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I have a 1997 Honda XL650R and it's sat all winter and now that it's getting up to the 60's I wanted to give her a start.

I had to charge the battery a bit but once I got that back in I could not even get a pop out of the bike.

I didn't open the petcock until I had closed the choke and then pressed the start button in attempt to prevent flooding it. I read once that this is the best way to get them started cold.

I drained the bowl after not getting it started and then attempted it again with the gas open and choke full and not full and yet again nothing.

Any suggestions??



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Try less choke. Also check kill switch. My XR (not a 650R) is sensitive to too MUCH gas. When it wont go, its usually slightly flooded. Check your plug and clean it / re-gap it if it really gives you trouble.

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