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I really love my WR

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I bought an 08 WR450 late last August. I wasn't able to ride it much due to the MI winter.

We decided it was time to ride again. Me and my buddy had been planing a trip away from MI for a few weeks, we decided Redbird Creek Trail in KY looked fun. The weather reports were getting constantly worse the last few days before we left. We decided to suck it up and go even though they were saying there was a chance of a 'slight dusting' of snow.

Slight my fanny. [that is my buddy not me in the pics]



They got 4 inches of snow Thursday night. It stuck around till Sunday.

The trail was phenomenal, Friday it had 2 inches of snow, and Saturday it had 2 inches of mud... but all in all we had a great time. I'd love to go back and ride when the weather is nicer.

Now, I'm coming off a DRZ and I must say the WR is just oh my god fun. The WR being lighter was just a thrill to ride. The front end wasn't constantly washing out even though we were in mud and snow. The brakes are incredible. This bike also has way too much GD power. The thing is a rocket compared to the DRZ. Honestly, it will be a few more years before I'll ever need more power.

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good for you. that looks like a ton of fun.

i never owned a drz, but have ridden a friend's....and you are right, the WR is just a different bike. a lot more fun.

enjoy the upcoming spring. here in AZ, we get to ride year round :)

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