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Exhaust questions...'01 KX125 based hybrid

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I know at least a few people here have built KX125/KDX hybrids so I figured I'd ask:

I'm building an '01 KX125 based hybrid using my KDX220 as a donor. Thanks to ebeck's guide over on the KDXrider.net forums I've got the KDX motor in the frame and am ready to start fiddling with the exhaust some.

I seem to remember it being mentioned that a PC2 pipe was nearly a bolt-on deal vs cutting up/denting an FMF Gnarly rev pipe to clear the frame. Any truth to this with the '99 to '02 KX125 frames?

Also, has anyone ever had any luck modifying an FMF turbine core 2 silencer to fit?

Any alternate exhaust suggestions would be appreciated as well. Trying to preserve the strong low to mid range power that my KDX made with it's FMF rev pipe and TC 2 silencer.

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