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PDF for a ktm WP 48mm (04)forks with preload adjuster

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I am wondering if anyone has the file for the fork manual that I could print, I have an 04 125 sx but the guy I bought it from could not find the manual thanks.

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Yeh aht ecaps are what I am worried about. If you could give me a link or something would be great. I am only finding owners manuals

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First off. Using the indented dots on your fork caps. Turn them all the way counter clockwise and make a record of where you were running your fork sag, that way you know what to put it back at. I run mine 1.5 turns in from all the way out.

Now-- Depending on what type of fork cap tool you have will depend on how you loosen the caps. Here is one type of tool http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/tools/category/ktm_fork_cap_remover/ and there is another special tool used for hvac work that has two arms (each with a prong on it) that are connected and spread apart. If you can find one of these tools they are really handy for the ktm fork caps. If not buy the motion pro one. The only thing with the MP tool is that you either have to take your bars off or slide the fork down in the triple clamps to get at the cap. There are two other tools you will need to take the caps off. A big socket that fits the top of the cap and a thin 22mm (I think its a 22) wrench or thin adjustable. ((((DONOT use the socket to loosen the fork cap from the fork))

1-- soo, Loosen cap with KTM fork tool

2--- remove forks from bike

3- unscrew cap with your hand

4- the outer leg will fall and bottom out to the floor

(This next step is better for a newbie to do with another person that compresses the spring with his hands to keep the spring out of your way)

5- while compressing spring, put a skinny wrench just above the top of the spring onto the fork leg. The wrench should have clearance on top and bottom and you should not have to jam it in there and mark things up. If using an adjustable wrench make sure it is on tight. Now take the correct size socket and put it on the top of the fork cap. Spin the socket counter clockwise and take out all the preload that was adjusted. You shold have already done this. The socket will then stop and you are now ready to remove the cap from the dampening rod. Remember the buddy you have holding that spring down? This is where he comes in handy. He holds the spring down and you hold the adjustable in one hand and the rachet and socket in the other. Use some force and remove the cap.---- Here is the important part, if that spring comes up and strikes the wrench, it will push it up into the fork cap and mark of the threads on the cap. It is best to have someone hold the spring down until you get used to working on the forks.

6-- put the cap on a bench and return your attention to the fork leg

7-- if your just changing fork springs. Make sure to spin the fork spring in a circle pattern and lightly shake it as you remove it. This get the oil off it and keeps the oil loss to the bare minimum. Dont let the damper rod fall down into the fork leg. Hold it up with your hand and then slide the new clean fork spring in. (make sure its clean and isnt rusty). If you do it fast you wont have to work the rod back up to far to get the cap spun back on.

8--When you put the cap back on dont hurricane it on, just put it on kinda tight,, dont over do it!

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