c&s gearing question

im due soon to change the chain and sprokets on my wr450 i only use it for green laning but when the time comes to do some road work in between im finding the bike is reving a little high for my liking at 60mph

any ideas as to whats the best combo size sprokes to go for next?

still on standared at the moment :)

one last thing im find my chain is alway making a hell of a noise half way through a days riding starting to notice its wearing my subframe.

is this down to the chain being well worn.

I have tried 13/50, 14/50 and 15/50 on my 04 WR and done over 7000 miles and 14/50 is easily the best. The bike will do 90 so you can roll along doing 70 no worries.

so that would equal out as a 15 front 47 rear to.

rather go smaller on the rear the chains very close to the clutch part of the casing as it is.

witch also reminds me is there any sort of gaurde i can buy to help save it if the chain comes off?

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