what gas/petrol do you use

started to use super im my bike im finding it starts a lot better since.

now ive ben told that using super plus gas could burn the engine out sooner?

i cant see this my self but anyone got any views on this?

More octane mythology.

Your bike is built to require premium, or "super" gasoline. The manual calls for 95 octane, rated by the Research Method, or 95 RON. You will need to know whether the gas (OK, petrol) you're using is rated by Research Octane Number (RON), Motor Octane Number (MON), or some other method. Pumps in the US use an average of both to yield what they call an Anti-Knock Index (AKI). 95 RON is roughly 86-87 MON in most cases, or 90-91 AKI in the US.

Octane number measures only the fuel's resistance to detonation, and nothing else whatsoever, so the fact that your new fuel starts the bike better is coincidental.




I'm using Octane rating RON 97 and it runs like a charm!!

super unleaded here is 97 ron to

I run standard "purple" race fuel mixed 50/50 with 97 octane in my 03 and it runs like a scalded dog. I tried running it straight and it was fine up until we had our first 100 degree texas day and she got a little too warm for my liking. Ive found that the 50/50 mix is perfect w/ no heat issues what so ever. I do how ever run mobil 1 snth. just for a lil added protection.

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