Decompression Hole Plug

I did the cam swap, and finally got a chance to ride yesterday. I can't believe I waited so long to do the swap!

I bought the plug to fill the hole in the head (where the decompression mechanism used to be), and it appears that I didn't seat it properly because there was oil leaking onto my header all day yesterday. The plug has an o-ring, however I wasn't able to get the plug flush with the hole. I'm sure if I could get this plug flush my oil wouldn't be leaking, but unfortunately the radiator is in the way and I can't get a rubber mallet in there.

Are there any tips/tricks to seat the plug so it's flush, without having to remove the right radiator?

There should be a groove cut in the plug that is supposed to anchor the plug in place by using the decomp shaft retainer bolt. The bolt is removed, the plug inserted to the point where the groove aligns with the bolt hole. If it seems not to want to slip in, be sure there are no burrs on the bore, apply a little grease to the O-ring, and press it in with pliers, like this:


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