Pipe fo Sale

I once again have too many exhaust systems and would like to sell my FMF Power Core IV-2. A $100 takes it. e-mail me if interested.


Hey Clark do you get my email? Do you still have the FMF Powercore IV 2 for sale for $100?

If so what's the condition? Scratches of dings.

also have you had a problem with it melting the side panel?

Will it fit a '99 WR400 OK?

Let me know and I'll take it if it's in good shape.


Kerry T

Yes, I got yours along several responces and Scott up in Oregon was first in, Scott and I are working out a deal now. Today I e-mail all respondents as to the status etc. I'v been away from the computer for a while.


[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 02-17-2001).]

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