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06 and top end

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After some debate, I have decided to keep my 06(its paid for) plus I have a son that can now ride it. The question I have is, I ride mostly deserts. I changed to a 48 rear to get more top end. Problem is when I get out into the flats, seems like I am still trying for a 5th gear. What have some of you done if anything at all, to get more out of the top end?

Maybe its fine but it seems like it reves pretty high while in 4th on a flat. Just dont want to blow my motor. Have not done anything to the exhaust.

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i have a 14/49 (13/45) gearing on my 06, pulls fine just rejet it, put a uni airfilter and mabye after market exhuast system? ill post a picture in a second

heres some pics


OOPS forgot the wheels :)




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