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Knees.. been reading for a few weeks here about whether to brace or not to brace. I m 54 race professionally MX for 12 years. Injured my knee in 73-74 starting get oldszheimer had to wait a week for the swelling to go down so they could do a MRI it came back neg. was told to stay off it for about 3 months was on crutches then a cane to get around. Went to the specialist every week and was rehabbing it. It was sore but went back to riding put my foot down hard and knee would blow up like a balloon. Back to the hospital get it drained and MRI again MRI came back neg. Did this for about a year X-rays kept showing up neg. so they saw no reason to operate, just needed rest. Remember operations were the last resort due to the problems down the road. Any way knee gave out going down some stairs and after picking myself up went back to the doctor said something is not right, again another MRI and four doctors telling I just need rest, I said operate. Lucky the Orthopedic Surgeon for the San Diego Chargers did the operation. Well as I laid there and watch them cut it open (yes had them put a mirror up so I could watch), everyone at the table started looking at each other, the anesthesiologist got up and looked then sat back down and said man I have never seen a knee this f…..k up as the surgeon explain reason the MRI came back neg. was there was nothing there. Fixed it raced till 81 retired LOL.

Now fast forward last five years would wake up it would be sore think of pulling and twisting two chicken bones apart at the joint that is what my knee felt and sounded like. Went back to a specialist back in Aug. last year took X-rays walk in and ask what do you want me to do… your left knee is that of someone in there late twenties, and your right is someone in there late 80’s early 90’s need a knee replacement did not buy that. He said lets try some injections over the next six weeks. After a couple weeks knee felt better than it had in… can’t remember. Any way kid lives by me raced MX and has asked me several times to go with him finally did so I ended up riding a Pro-Am class and actually was respectful after not riding a dirt bike since 82 made a few rethink if they were ready to go Pro.. Well knee was sore, but nothing real bad. So pulled the trigger and got me a 450 to start racing again in the Vet classes. Have been out practicing several times with just shin /knee guards this winter knee gets sore after about 20 laps, and stays that way for a few days. Been back to a regular exercise program for sometime spend my lunch hour at the Co. gym get in 7 miles on the stationary bike first 15 min then weights the next 20 min. have eight different sets 10 reps per set x 3. So question is when is a knee brace necessary when is it not? I want to get competitive again and maybe ride some National Armature races. Been told by several to get some CTIs, but sometimes a brace can do more harm than good. Any thoughts or opinions?


Sorry for being so long

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