WR450 clutch wires??

Finally got to see a 450 live and in person and noticed that there appears to be some kind of switch lead coming off of the clutch lever and going to the bulkhead connection behind the front plate. I was just curious as to what this is for?! By the way, gotta love that seat/tank geometry!!! :)

Just in case any Orlando guys are interested it was out front at Cycle Sports Center - first one I've seen.


Those wires go to the clutch safety switch. Unlike a KTM, you cannot start the bike with it in gear without pulling in the clutch. Pretty good idea, I think.


It's to keep from using the electric start if the wr in gear unless the clutch is pulled in. It also has a neutral switch, the electric starter can be used if either is made. Of course we removed all of that along with the head light, taillight, main switch,the cutoff relay, diode pack, along with all the unused wiring, etc.

Thanks for the info! I had not previously seen anything about this before and was not quite sure what it was for. Makes sense though!! Wrench- is the diode pack the silver item that is close to where the ignition coil use to be?

The silver diode pack is for the starter solenoid the one I removed is around the same place but blue on the end. The rectifier/regulator for the mag is mounted on the right side about carb level.

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