XR650 flat as a fart!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to buy one a 01, 2000mile bike, in mint supermoto trim. I'll cut to the chace.

I had a ride on it and it was flat as a fart. All stock apart from the can that had been uncorked, the bike was geared to about 104mph and had 17inch SM wheels.

It was not up to playing wheelys in second gear!!!!!!!!Is this write from a 650?????????

I have a 02 DRZ400E and it will wheely in forth gear if you get it right on dirt gearing.

Can have some feed back asap on what it should be like as i did not buy the bike as i was most put off by this.

Thanks for your help.

BB. :)

What is the gearing, jetting and exhaust mods?

Insert changed for the other Honda free flowing one and it's gear to 104mph thats all i got.


The XR650R is significantly more powerful than the DRZ. If you find the XR650R to be a dog, then something is wrong with that particular bike or the way its setup.

The bike was mint as in like new.

The only time i have seen i cleaner and newer looking bike is in the dealers! Thats what i cant figger out.

I want something with grunt and loads of arm pull i.e big wheely fun.

I have a Yamaha R1 as well and i know it's never going to be superfast but i still want loads of go up the the 100mph mark.

Have been looking at the KTM640 now but i cant stop thinking why the Xr650r was so god dam lazy??


I have a 650R in motard trim, 17" wheels 15/44 gearing gives me about that top speed. I have a full Big Gun pipe as well as edlebrock carb ect.

What I notice is that mine pulls very hard all the way to the top but doesn't like to wheelie unless I find a very narrow sweet spot in 2nd, then shift to 3rd. It took some adjusting to as it wheelies great anywhere in 3rd with the stock rims and gearing...

There is something wrong with the setup of that bike. I owned a DRZ400 with all the after market goodies and it was no match for my XR650R. The XR650R with 15/48 gearing, all stock, FULLY uncorked will do monster wheelies in second, in fact, it's hard to keep the front end down on pavement. I have raced my friends WR400 and it isn't even close. My bike pulls him everywhere form off the line, roll-ons, or top speed. The XR650R is nearly the fastest off-road bike you can buy, save for maybe the 500 2-strokes or a KTM525 etc. Here's a link how to uncork it PROPERLY


Click on "Making the XR650R run right"

Good luck in your decision.

I found out today from reading some offroad mag's that the XR650R puts out 41.1hp at the back wheel give or take a few from bike to bike. This seems low for a 650 as bike's like the Husky 570 are putting out 55hp ish and weigh lots less.

So i'm thinking the XR650R is going to be a little soft for me. Must try and get a test ride on that KTM640 as well as the Husky570.

Anyone have any feed back on these.??

I know that USA/CANADA XR650R make 49.6 HP at the wheel.

First off - you need to experience the farts at my house :)

Second - It is a mistake to judge any machines performance by riding one only.

Third - The BRP is not tuned to be a street bike. Put a cam and a header on it and it will rev to the moon.

This seems low for a 650 as bike's like the Husky 570 are putting out 55hp ish and weigh lots less...

If the Husky 570 is truly putting out 55 HP at the rear wheel, then it will definitely have a better power to weight ratio than the XR650R. Make sure you get to ride them both, because dyno figures can be very subjective, sometimes misleading and sometimes innacurate. I can't comment on the Husky 570 because I've never ridden it, but if the XR650R you rode was less powerful than a DRZ, then something was definitely wrong with that XR650R or the way it was setup and or tuned.

That steed has restricted carb. boot, airbox restrictor, restricted pipe, restricted this and that....get that thing uncorked!!! Doin all that and throwing on a pipe (maybe) and airfilter along with correct jetting (very important) that thing will easily get into the 50s horsepower wise. Last year Johnny Campbell's XR650 was putting out something like 66 or 65 hp at the wheel, that was with stock compresion piston. :)

PS if its gonna be fore the SM thang I'd go with a straight through pipe; you may loose a bit of power at idle but will make up for that with a huge mid-top end gain!

I have owned a 2000 XR650R for almost 2 years now. . I have the bike "properly uncorked", which includes not just replacing the stock muffler tip, but also removing airbox baffles, replacing the intake boot, replacing the stock jet needle, and rejetting to a 175 main jet.. I took it one step further and installed a Big Gun full race series exhaust (headers and silencer). My bike will easily pull wheelies in 3rd gear, just whack open the throttle. My top speed was measured with a GPS at 101mph with stock gearing with the setup mentioned above.

The bike you rode WAS NOT set up correctly. A XR650R modified properly as above, is extremely potent, and a KTM 640 which is the LC4 engine, will NOT TOUCH IT. The only bikes I know of which will out pull a properly tuned XR650R are the KTM 4 stroke open class MX bikes, not the KTM dual sport or LC-4 powered bikes.

OK guy's you have me all mixed up. The bike is spotless but felt slow and not snappy at all and thats what i like, snappy, blatty power to put it on the back wheel.

I know the KTM 640supercomp's has 60hp(crank) That is the LC4 motor and weighs less.

I'm tempted to make the guy an offer as you all lead me to believe that it just needs "uncorking fully" but as the bikes stands now it would bore the hell out of me.

Oh i dont know what to do!!!! Wish i could get a go on the KTM!

How much does it cost to do the uncorking mods?? if i have to spend lots on top of the purchase price i might has well get say the KTM and have 60hp to start with plus all the flash suspension and brakes etc.

hummmmm decisions, decisions.

As far as what bike to buy, test ride each bike you are interested in! Then make your own decision. I believe something was not done right to the 650 you rode, especially if it will not pull wheelies in 2nd gear. Heck even my XR500 could pull em in 3rd. A stock 650 uncorked puts out around 49 HP the uncorked one put out about 55 HP. Uncorking them costs about $300 or less, or you could use some of that 300 and get a full pipe rather than the larger exhaust insert. One thing I notice on my 650 is that it is so smooth it is hard to notice that you are going fast. Good luck with your quest.

The Exhaust insert has been changed but i dont know if the rest of the mods have been done. i.e air box mods and manifold.

I think i'll give the guy a ring again and see if he still have it.

I'm a little worred about the KTM and Husky reliabiltiy and as you know good old Honda's go on and on and on and on etc.

The bike is spotless but felt slow and not snappy at all and thats what i like, snappy, blatty power to put it on the back wheel...

If the guy put 17" SM wheels on the bike, then he may have already uncorked it. Just because its spotless and looks new doesn't mean there aren't problems in the engine. What if this guy broke in his engine with synthetic oil and the rings didn't properly seat because of this. Maybe his valves are way out of adjustment or maybe he didn't put in enough oil at one point or maybe the cam is worn down, etc. People have done stuff like this and wondered why their bike didn't perform as well as the next guys, so be careful you aren't buying someone elses mistakes/problems. If you really want this bike and are worried about the internals being messed up (valves, cam, piston), then have someone whose knowledgeable about leakdown testing perform a leakdown test on it (not a compression test). A leakdown test will give you a pretty good indication of the engine without taking it apart.

The stock XR650R is not all that impressive, but its a different animal after uncorking it and its inexpensive to uncork it. Maybe that bike just needs to be uncorked, which is simpy rejetting, using the non-EPA intake, airbox restrictors removed and a new exhaust baffle, but then maybe its more complicated than that. The best bet 'if possible' would be to find a good running uncorked XR650R and ride it before you make a decision. Check out this link for uncorking info on the XR650R and read the section called "Making the XR650R run right".


Hi again all. Just rang the bloke up and he says the bike is still for sale and the air box and manifold restrictors are out and in the box with the rest of the bits. The quiet baffle was never fitted. i.e all the restrictive parts were never fitted from new as he says.

In that case why the hell did it not go????????????? he also said the rear sprocket was a 39 and the front was standared. Dont know what that is.?????

Ideas please again. Sorry all. :)

-he also said the rear sprocket was a 39 and the front was standared-

I would guess that is the problem. Stock gearing in the U.S. is 14/48. My bike has no problem wheeling in 2nd, 3rd, 4th. I, on the other hand, have great difficulty wheeling at all. :)

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