XR650 flat as a fart!!!!!!!!!!!

The 17" wheel/tire combo is a smaller diameter than the 18" wheel/tire that comes stock. That will make the gearing he has installed less radical. How about finding a motorcycle tuner or shop and pay them a 1/2 hours mechanics time to look the bike over? My bet is that the motor is set up wrong, jetting is wrong, or the intake wasn't done.

The gearing will be the problem.

You can make any bike snap, but only a few will do 100 mph after that.

Case in point, if i run 15/47 my bike(650R) slowly picks up the wheel in second gear.

If i change to 14/47 it almost flips in second and pulls wheelies in third.

Before any comparison of bike check gearing. I've seen WR's accelerate almost as hard as my 650R but they run out of puff once you push past 80 mph.

In this counrty an Lc4 weighs more than an XR so don't always believe manufacturer statistics.


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