help plz (07 yz250f or 450

hi8 i just got a bike it had yz450f sticker on it but ive ridden one b4 and this one doesnt seem as powerful, how do i tell if its a 250 or 450? it also doesnt start first kick takes 10-15 b4 it starts, it also backfires wen i let off throttle. i dont really know anything about bikes, any info would be much apreciated TY

The water pump on a YZ450 has a steel tube bolted to it to connect the hose onto. The YZ250F has the hose connection built onto the pump cover; not a separate part.

What year is it?

its an 07, i dont know where the water pump is. but are u talking about the hoses that connect from the radiator to the engine? there is a steel pipe that can be un bolted connected to those hoses.

like the hoses come off the radiator then to the steel pipe thing then its bolted to the engine

oh awsome thank you very much

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