Lower Fork Guard things

Who makes a lower fork guard for a 2004 WR450. I may be calling it the wrong thing. What I am talking about is the plastic thing on each side of the fork that looks like a fork shield and on one side the cables route on it...I want some new ones, blue or white. I have searched some but I seem to find neopryne stuff for other areas of the fork. I don't want stock replacement as I have done away with the speedo cable and dont need that mount anymore that the stock one has.



Use the stock or aftermarkert (acerbis, cycra) guards for YZ instead of WR. I think for your year they are the same except for the speedo cable mount stuff on the right side one. Look in the thumper store and you'll find them. I did the same on my 08 but had to go to previous year YZ guards cuz in 08 the YZ and WR have different forks. Not just different springs/valving but completely different that dont share fork guard mounting bolt positions.

Thanks, I'll do that then.


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