Where to get shim adjusting pads?

I have a 99 YZ400F, I'm installing an auto-decomp cam in it so I will need to re-shim the valves. The TT store has individual shims for about $5 ea. I don't know what size I will need yet and I'd rather not have to wait for parts to show up after I've disassembled the engine. Is there a kit available that has a bunch of different size shims?

i just did mine and went to my local shop and got my shims there. they let me buy the ones i thought i needed and return the ones that didnt work out. saved me money. also you may be already doing this but i would suggest going ahead and installing a new timing chain while you are in there. i did my shims then found out i needed a new timing chain after and had to go back in. hope this helps

You can buy a hot cams shim kit on e-bay for about 80 bucks...but I would just buy the induhvidual shims from the dealer. If you are a good customer, many service guys will just swap what you took out for what you need...

Second that. You'll never need all the shims you'd get in a shim kit (I'm guessing) through the life of your bike. And as Birdy says, a lot of dealers either do a clean swap, or in my case, they charged me half price with an exchange. Most dealers would have every size you'd ever need as well, so there's no waiting around for stuff to arrive.

Shouldn't have to change them that often anyway - bulletproof motors.

thanks for the info guys, I'll stick with the local shop.

Buy Honda shims. All the big bikes use the same shims and the Hondas come in .0025mm increments rather than Yamahas .005 increment. They might be cheaper, too.

Honda does list a lot more shims, but they have different intake and exhaust shims. I'm not sure what the difference is. Do you know shich one match the WR?

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