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2008 DRZ-400S Front Tire Advice for Sand

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Hey all.

Well, I tried Pirelli MT21's front and rear on my DRZ. Overall, I liked them on and off road - definitely MUCH better than death wings. 18 psi on road and 12 psi off road. No rim locks. Great wear.

But, I want a little better performance up front in Michigan deep sand.

I am torn between Michelin S12 and AC10 for front tire. I don't care about DOT, as I won't have on street any more than 10%, if that. I am leaning toward S12. However - Is sidewall of S12 too soft for my heavier DRZ-400S ? Is S12 not going to hook up on hard pack, expecially in turns ? Are side knobs of S12 going to break off on rocks ?

Help appreciated - thanks !

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