03 YZ450F, worth it or worthless?

buddy of mine is getting rid of his barely ridden 03 YZ450 which he bought new.

bike is in great shape

wondering if this is a good bike or should I pass no matter how good the deal is?

worried about reliability and durability

I have an 04 yz 450 and it has been great, I think the 03 was very similar. It would depend on if it had been maintained and how much he is asking for the bike.

I would guess it is worth $2000 to $2500. Although you would probably be able to get a newer 450 for $3000 to $4000.

Mine has been great. Check all your bearings tho. And yes the red hot head pipe is normal.:)

The bike does have some time on it, but in general, driveways, sundials and YZ450's are all about in the same category as far as reliability goes.

I bought a '03 new and rode it for about 3 years and never had a problem. It was one of the nest bikes I've ever owned.

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