Rear Wheel Removal-Quick Rundown Please

Hey everyone. I want to take my rear wheel off in the next hour or so. Can someone give me a quick rundown of what is needed to be done step by step. I'm sure its easy, I just haven't done it yet.



1. Make sure you have quick access to :)

2. Put bike up on stand/box so that rear wheel is off the ground.

3. Loosen axle nut out to the end of the thread.

4. Hit the end of the axle/nut lightly to move axle through about 1/2 inch.

5. Remove axle nut, washer and tensioner block.

6. Move tension block on opposite side out past the tension bolt. This will allow you to move the wheel forward to remove chain.

7. Ensure bike is in neutral, start removing the chain form the bottom of the back sprocket while turning the wheel forwards.

8. Take the weight of the wheel and remove the axle.

9. Remove wheel from swing arm being careful of rear brake.

Installation is the reverse. Ensure the wheel is pulled forward before tightening the axle nut. This can be done by putting a spanner in one of the teeth of the rear sprocket at the top and rotate the wheel backwards until the chain tensions.

Hope this helps.

Thanks man, this helps a ton. Couple questions. You say at the end "make sure the wheel is pulled forward" What do you mean exactly? Do you mean pull the wheel backwards toward the rear or do you really mean forward? Also, do you know the size of the axle nut, I need to buy a damn socket as I see I don't have one big enough. Thanks again, nice write up.

The wheel needs to be pulled forward so that the tension blocks are hard up against the adjustment bolts. It might pay to check your chain is correctly adjusted too.

Not sure on the nut size. I just use a big shifter (shifting spanner.... not sure what you guys in the US call them :))

The rear axle nut is 27mm.

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