clutch cable adjustment

Ok guys, I switched out my stock levers for some asv levers and now I am having trouble getting the clutch cable adjusted correctly. With the stock levers the cable was adjusted almost all the way out and now with the new levers it is even further out. I have absolutely no room left for adjusting it. I just replaced the cable thinking it was worn out but the same trouble. What is the problem here?

If this is an '06 or later, there is a mid-cable adjuster under a rubber sleeve about 3" down the cable from the lever that you can tweak to bring the lever adjuster back in range.

Yeah, I know. I have the cable at the motor all the way out and the mid adjuster all the way out and at the perch all the way out with a brand new cable. The only thing I noticed is that the stock perch adjuster is alot longer than the asv one, but still it would be about 3/4 of the way out to get it adjusted correctly.

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