Fork Stiction

My forks seem to have stiction in them somewhere? When compressed they don't want to return to where they should. I know about the preload which should be there. Also they have been redone, new seals and the works(revalve, springs, fluids). Also have checked the alignment. Seals not leaking. I have serviced the forks many times and other forks and these have me ??????? Any ideas?

A common mistake made is by overtightening the triple clamps.Im not saying that you,made it however.Im not sure if permanent damage occurs but certainly a malfunction can.The book says to torque the uppers to 17 and the lowers to 14.Which aint much.Thats my 2 cents.


Used the torque wrench. forks seem fine off the bike, but not when installed. I'm wondering if I may have twisted the clamps at some time and damage is not visible. Has anyone had trouble like this??

Mine have done it since the Gold Valve install. I always use a torque wrench on "everything" and I have a brand new tripple clamp...Still has a hard spot about 3 inches down from fully extended, but travels free off the bike. It rides fine so I just said the hell with it. I've also tried clicker adjustments across the range from fully closed to fully opened with no results.

Bonzai :)

At least it isn't just me. Thanks for letting me know. Mabey someone will figure it out?


Sounds like a classic example of fork bind. It is very easy to install the front forks that will cause binding. I cannot stress the importance of needing the forks to be absolutely paralell.

Here is a quick method to ensure properly fork installation:

web page

Good luck, let us know how you make out.....

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