What a day - Long Post

Feel like sharing my day with ya'll.

I was treated to a free lunch and received an Engineer of the Year award. :) Have to admit that all I did was endure the pain of keeping a major project on track.

My backordered items from O'Neal were shipped today. Thanks O'Neil for great customer service.

My new Clarke tank arrived today. Regrettably the order got messed up, I received an XR650L tank instead of an XR650R tank. I'll probably have to wait another 10 days to get the right one. No Big Deal (NBD) :D

BTW, I made some mods to my carb and airbox. Since I never use my choke, I replaced the choke plate with a much longer plate to achieve the Power Now effect of dividing the air intake cylinder. The most noticable result was that when the bike fired up for the first time I did not have to opened the throttle even a little bit to let it warm up. Usually if I don't hold the throttle slightly open for a couple of seconds it will take a second kick to hold idle.

The airbox mod was my attempt to duplicate the BatWing.


I made an insert that blocked off the interior portion of the airbox that contributes to "eddy pool" effect. What I noticed was that when I was running 70 mph in fourth gear the engine felt incredibly smooth. (15/48 gearing)

These two mods cost me $1.50 worth of sheet aluminum and a little time playing with fit.

Thanks for enduring my long post.

Congrats on your engineer of the year award. It must be a tough job, operating a locomotive. Much like riding a 650R, I'd imagine.

Charlie don't surf, Osama don't thump and Saddam don't ride red.


Thanks. Actually the BRP is a joy to ride in the desert. I have endlesss dirt roads to explore in southern AZ and I love running this bike through the gears. Of course I always end up going too fast. :)

how about some friggin pictures!!!!????? A $1.50 mod sounds good to me! Don't those Bat wings go for $30 or something?


Yes the Batwings are a lot more expensive than $1.50. I made a cardboard insert pattern, then cut the aluminum. Mounted it with machine screws, washers and aircraft nuts (plastic centers) and put black silicon on the outside of the airbox to make sure there was no chance of a leak.

You want me to tear my bike apart and borrow a digital camera just for you. OK, I'll see what I can do. Going to put a new gas tank (Clarke 4.3) on soon so that would be a good time to do it. Give me a week. :D

BTW, went for an hours ride Sat afternoon. Cold start, one kick to prime, second kick starts right up, hands off idle.

Riding was great. Washed out primitive dirt roads, potholes, wet sand, puddles, washboards and ruts. Dirtbike heaven. :)

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