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Hello Dr. Mark. I got My Knee cap and tibial plateau fracture

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Hello Dr Mark ,

on 23rd January 2009 I got a motorbike accident and broke my knee cap and tibial plateau I was not operated cos the doctor said the fracture on the tibial plateau where is crack don't get hight weight so i don't need operation and my knee cap was broken in to two pieces(non displaced), so they just put a cast I visited the doctor after 4 weeks the doctor said I should keep the cast for two more weeks. My cast was removed on 5th March, but i was shocked to see my thigh I had lost a lot of muscles and now i can't bend my knee, I started Physiotherapy on 6th March, but I am not improving much after first 5 days i am blocked to about 55° flexion and if I try to bend it further I have unbearable pain on the Mediale side of patella the PT says its the muscle whihc crosses the knee and the other pain that is even more swear is at the Femur where MCL attaches and i have impression that it will be torn out from bone if i will bend it more.

what do you think will I be able to get back my knee motion back by physiotherapy. and should I put pressure to bend knee knowing that its the MCL whihc is hurting at femur attachment?

and how much time you think it will take to be normal 100% if not 100% then how long to live a normal life i mean to walk.

Thanks alot waiting for your reply.

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