After a long trail ride there is nothing better

than a cold beer. What brand of beer do you guys have waiting back at the truck ?

Labatt blue(yummie)

Miller LITE, longneck bottles.

They never tasted better than after a couple of hours in the saddle.

Mmmmmmmmm.Corona !Ahhhhhhhh.

owwwwww corona it is.

Agree with Fryboy, nothing better than an ice cold, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.... :):D Just thinkin' about one is inspiring a trip to the fridge right now :D

Heinekin, Moosehead, Rolling Rock.

These are a few of my favorite things!

Guinness! ...a beer so thick you have to floss afterwards :)

For Breakfast :) ,

A Corona is SUPERB!

Now, I don't normally have a beer for breakfast >> When I am ending the midnight shift at the plant after 7 nights of that crap, my cohorts and I go out for breakfast >> THAT is when I have Corona's for breakfast.

Got to have the lime though!! It is like a Breakfast Treat

A breackfast treat would be a single malt Scotch..

Oops my message was edited Mabe I should have wrote , American beer is like making love in a canoe. Reproducing near water.. sorry guys

Guiness would be choice #1, Bells Russian Imperial Stout #2, McEwans Scotch Ale #3, Anything else Bells #4 and Sam Adams any variety #5.

If none of those above are available just about anything else...I'm not picky, but I have been called a beer snob :)


It's all about the Kokanee!

I'm with you ejr Labatt Blue a good Canadian beer. You know what they say aboot America beer eh? Like making love in a canoe.


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Sam Adams >> the ONLY beer in New England to drink...or Smuttynose, Redhook, Nutfield and all these other New England Dark Beers/Stouts/Ale's.

I use to be a firm believer/drinker of rice beers (typical beer - Miller, Bud, Coors, Old Mil', etc) but upon SEVERE peer pressure, have come to thoroughly enjoy the dark beers.

Best of all, I like the dark beers warm as well as cold!! :)

Sierra Nevada, Red Tail, and/or Full Sail

Mmmmmmmmmmm braaaaaap !


Nobody beats a Nurnberger Hoffbrau Doublebach on Saturday or a Berliner Heavy Vietsen after a Sunday ride....Flown in weekly from Germany (The HOME of BEER) complements of the U.S. Air force.

Octoberfest will be here soon....Time to get my reservations on C141 or C5 airways again...


Bonzai :)

Labatt 50.

keystone light, Bottled beer taste in a can.

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Light beer? Isn't your beer already light. You better get ready for the Kokanee's we bring down this fall :)

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