Some of my favorites......


Carlsberg Elephant

Leffe Blonde

Czech Budweiser (The Original)

Pilsner Urquel

Sam Adams

Leffe Brune


Kirin (with sushi only!)

When there is nothing else...Heineken

Oh yeah and I believe the answer to the canoe thing about the major US brews is that they are f/&%ing close to water!



Bud,Bud light,Coor's light it's all good as long as it's cold.Oh yeah OP beer(other people's beer)is good to.



Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale

Yep those are my fav's :)

Evl: OP is good too!

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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Porter

Sierra Nevada Brown Ale

Did I mention Im from Chico and have one of the best breweries in the country 2 miles from my house.

free beer, free beer, that's my favorite brand,...

I think that's how the song goes. :)

Yuengling Lager here, Rolling Rock second

beer yes i'll have one (BUD)

DRZ 400 S

its funny that the WR board gets stuck with the drinkin beer thread, me and the two othe WR riders I know can drink all the other riders we know under the table

While I was deployed to Adana Turkey for Operation Northern Watch there was a beer they sold there called "Tuborg". I loved that stuff. Cant get it ANYWHERE in the states. Not even at import breweries. Wish I could though!!

When I'm finished roosting in Victoria Australia the beer of choice is a nice "Victoria Bitter" outa tha "eski" ...or two...or a few! Out of interest what % alcohol content is your beer folks? :):D

in the states it is about 5.5%

In canada it is like 9 or 10 % i believe. Banff boy give me a hand.


I think most states beer is around 4%. Canadian varies from 4.5(light) to 6.5%. 9 or 10% would cause real problems :)


When I was a drunk I drank anything free

I always thought throwing up was a reflex to make room for more beer :)

Genessee beer from the east

Coors always

Johnnie Walker Red Label Well it tasted like beer

just became a fan of Black Butte Porter. And Moose Drool.

Originally posted by lewichris:

just became a fan of Black Butte Porter. And Moose Drool.

Lewi, Moose Drool? That's funny!! :)

I'm trying to find all the good beers with no preservatives. I was a Corona drinker big time till a few weeks ago. A friend in the industry explained to me about perservatives, foaming agents, and other sh*t that goes into some beers that mean only one thing. Your riding career will be shortened from to much crap going down the hatch! :) Corona is one of the worst.

Slowly but surely I'm trying to cut back on the all the gnarly stuff I've been putting into my body. The trails here are unforgiving and a strong body is what separates the hardcore riders from the "I think I'll skip this trail" riders. There ain't no way I'm giving up my beer! I'm gonna drink HEALTHY BEER!! :D

Sleemans Honey Brown Lager. This stuff is so good I could brush my teeth with it :)

Thats pretty sad when you get 58 replies in seconds about beer. real athletes don't drink beer, they drink milk and Gatorade, Don't they?

Ya and real athletes don’t shot limo drivers and get away with it or hack there X wife up and get off or keep doing Coke and keep coming back Mr. Strawberry

Ya real athletes

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