Johnyboy considers himself a real athlet.>>>>ROTFLMAO..

Oh no I spilled my beer..


Originally posted by johnny boy:

Thats pretty sad when you get 58 replies in seconds about beer. real athletes don't drink beer, they drink milk and Gatorade, Don't they?

Johnny boy, I would bet you that even the most focused atheletes would mix a beer in with dinner every once in a while. I think everything in moderation is okay.

Now excuse me while I do a beer-bong filled with an "Old English 800 40oz". (brings me back to my LA roots.)

peace out, dl

I ride with athletic beer drinkers all the time! Right around 4:30 in the afternoon after pounding trail after trail after trail I can hear the ice clinking off the bottles as I reach for a cold one. Pssssshhhhhhtttt! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :):D

As I write this I am sipping on a bottle of Molson XXX. 7.3% alcohol and no preservatives! Life in Canada is good. (except for that white stuff that ruins the riding in winter) :)

Sad to in the Land of Zion, we are limited to crappy beers orrrrrrr CRAPPIER beers!

I spent 5 yrs in the NW .(3 in sea and 2 in pdx) And I got spoiled being in the micro brew capitol of the world !!!(portland oregon!!)

I have to settle for a Budweiser or Miller usually but sure think about THESE while I am drinking one of those Nasty 3.2% Buds!!


I am sure the guys from the NORTHWET would much agree.......nothing like a Mac's or an ice cold Hanks!!!

I used to like Henry's so much B4 they went commercialized, that I named my dog after it!!!HANK!!


If you dont have to CHEW it before you swallow it.......It AINT really beer! :D

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Ah, Hucker, but don't forget about the poligimy porter.... bring some home to the wives.... I just had to but the t-shirt when I was there for the olympics, that just cracked me up :):D

Miller High Life is the only way to go!

Coors either orginal or light right after the ride.

Then maybe some micro-brew, sierra nevada, red tail, etc.

Then fro dinner some scotch, either Dewar's or The Glenlevit.

Oh' vait looke, somvone is pooring wine around the campf ire, I'll have ic vone...

Sorry guys I'll skip the ride this morning...My head HURTS!

Speaking of beer. Sure gets old seeing beer bottles and cans all over out in the hills. :)

I prefer a good Rootbeer myself. :D

John H

Here is a good post thank you.

I finally got my wife to go and watch our daughter ride, We pulled into Radio Ridge at Hollister Hills, Quite little area Peewee track right next to the Truck.

About three families were there One like us, One like the Osborne’s and one with well there not a family just three punk kids. I will explain.

The Family like us was at the end teaching his Wife and Daughter to ride, as I was with mine COOL.

The Osborne Family DRUNK as they WAS, left Beer bottles on the track, on the fence and strewn about the camp. Three Dudes one little kid (Looked like Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols) and a girl looked just like Osborne’s Daughter. These people had a mouth like a drunken sailors, even the kids talking to the adults F-ing this F-ing that. Could not believe it.

The three kids parked just up the hill were tearing off branches on a tree, smoking dope, ripping up the Peewee track on 250's and just being punks and the mouth was just as bad.

Whets this got to do with beer, Not much I guess, I don’t drink, I am a recovering Alchie, I don’t stop anyone from drinking, I have been sober over 20 years, I would love a beer on a hot day (My Fault) cant have one.

But what I guess I am trying to stress is this, my wife’s first impression of what I do with my daughter when we ride was not good. Seeing what she did she labeled the sport I love and question if my daughter should be involved.

Since then she has seen a different side, she has meet a few TT'rs, and has come with us when these nim rods are not around us.

Point is, there are some pretty good people riding as well as bad, leaving beer cans bottles strewn about and just getting drunk and riding is bad form. "IN MY OPINION"


Bud Light

Coors Light

Ruby Mountain Pale Ale

Free :D

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John Labatt Classic

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