Chain/Axle Adjustment with SM setup

Alright so I am about to take my dirt wheels off and put on my SM wheels. Quick question. I have been told to "Pull my wheel as far forward as possible" so that it hits the axle block adjusters. My question is this. Since I am switching to different sprockets I am requiring a new chain, so should I go ahead and set the axle blocks to where they arent adjusted at all, so that the bolt is screwed in all the way, then pull the wheel tire up to the adjusters, tighten the axle nut, and then adjust the axle adjusters to set chain tension OR do I just leave the axle adjusters the same way they are set now? I've never adjusted a chain before, much less any of the other stuff im about to do, but i'll jump right in with yalls help.



This is how i did it. Turn the block adjusters all the way in. So wheel can slide freelee with the axle nut loose. Pulled the whole tire off after loosing the nut and pulled axle. Cut chain with a die grinder or a chain breaker. installed new sprockets. Taped up sm rim setup surface with duck tape so i would not scratch the rims. Mocked up new rim by installing back on bike. lined up new chain and mocked the chain up. Find the number of links you have to take out by finding a good spot where the chain will not be tight nor loose. You have to have room for adjustment. Installed new chain with master link. attach to bike and adjust wheel new chain length. Make sure wheel is centered in swing arm. sorry if it sounded like i went rambling on. let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks for getting back to me. You described what I was thinking. I'll post up if I have more questions once I get into it.

Thanks again,


no problem i got my wr into sm set up so i know what it takes.

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