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new redcat/tank dz150

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any one familiar withthis bike ?? im supposed to go pick one up today

its suposed to be a 2005 crf150 copy and from what i can tell it is,,,

will crf parts work on it ?? exhaust ect.

also needin a breakin procedure thanks

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CRF parts will not work on it, per se, but there might be some parts (I am fairly certain that engine parts will not interchange) such as exhaust (not necessarily crf, but some aftermarkerket exhausts). Those bikes are ok. Not an all out racer by any means, but good trail bikes.

When you set it up, locktite everything. Don't go all out to run in the engine for the first several hundred miles, and if it is brand new, change the liquid stuff in the engine with proper motorcycle oil, beforeyou go for your first ride--heck, before you start it for the first time.

Join chinariders.net, a forum aimed for owners of all kinds of chinese bikes, but most members own dirt bikes and are quite familiar with them.

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